We love what we do and we do it for you


Hello Marketing is based in the vibrant village of Hilton, in KwaZulu-Natal. Founded in 2016, we’ve been lucky to serve some incredible clients over the past few years and our growth as a creative agency has been due to them. Our phenomenal team has grown too; starting out with just four, we are now a tenacious, top-notch bunch of strategists, creatives and techies.

Our objective is simple; add real value to a client’s business. Otherwise, what’s the point? We aim to be the springboard that you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re a new brand looking to position your company in the marketplace or an established business wanting to transform your current marketing strategy, we’re ready to amplify your brand voice.


We’re a team of many passions, perspectives and propensities, but we all have one thing in common. You.


Brett Gray

Most likely to cause the mass shaking of heads while chortling hysterically

Shannon Harley

Most likely to think of her best ideas in the strangest places.

Abby Michie

Most likely to tell you to Google it

Tyler Trenam

Most likely to smell you before she sees you

Pru Chetty

Most likely to think she's the boss

Wayne Fourie

Most likely to eavesdrop...and then offer unsolicited advice

Aneesa Hattia

Most likely to save the day, every day

Michael Dedekind

Most likely to bowl you over

Michael Sutherns

Most likely to make FIGJAM in his spare time

Ian Devenish

Most likely to quietly drop the best one-liners

Natalie Kroutz

Most likely to dispatch a debt collector for an outstanding R10

Shea Karssing

Most likely to run out of space in her trophy cabinet

Michelle Stahlhut

Most likely to bring the gees

Ash Padayachee

Most likely to dazzle and deliver

Chad Nicholson

Most likely to have at least one bottle of gin in his work drawer

Claire Fraser

Most likely to take a conference call in a tent

Dylan Harris

Most likely to take a call whilst on a trail run

Thokozane Nhlangulela

Most likely to actually cry when laughing

Daunya Ma'ani-Hessari

Most likely to have a hidden talent

Philip Wilson

Most likely to hit his head on the sky

Daniel Busa

Most likely to impress his clients as much as himself

Kayla Blizard

Most likely to bring in a client a day

Ncothi Mkhize

Most likely to be Ncothi but nice

Say hello.