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Don’t just ride out the storm. Stay ahead of the curve.

Don’t just ride out the storm. Stay ahead of the curve.

April 2020

With social distancing measures drastically changing the way we interact with one another, it’s no surprise that there has been a drastic shift towards online shopping for all kinds of goods.

We need to consider that these changing patterns may not return to ‘pre-outbreak’ norms, especially for high-risk groups like the elderly who would never have considered shopping online, even a few weeks ago. This forced behavioural change in the short-term may prove to last well into the long-term.

Museums all over the world have been forced to close for the foreseeable future. With massive overheads and a reliance on foot traffic, it is no surprise that a number of organisations have turned to online alternatives to keep themselves afloat. Virtual tours, podcasts and a shift to audio storytelling are some of the ways museums are adjusting to the changing landscape.

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam for example, has an entire page on their website dedicated to online visits with ‘virtual visitors’ given the opportunity to watch videos about Anne’s life on their dedicated youtube channel. The Anne Frank House VR app allows visitors the chance to explore the hiding place of Anne Frank in virtual reality and their educational material is all available online to purchase.

Luxury fashion brand, Dior, decided to stream their Autumn/Winter collection online and Louis Vuitton launched an app where customers could order online and were given exclusive access to promotions using QR codes. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, online sales doubled, suggesting that customers will continue to spend if you can adapt your product to offer something of value during this time.

Another awesome example that the team at Hello have definitely been enjoying are the virtual concerts offered by musicians unable to tour or perform in live shows. Local artist, Ard Matthews of Just Jinger, surprised his neighbours with a rooftop charity concert. His performance went on for an hour and he sang songs such as Impossible Machines which he just recently released. Even though these shows are generally free, they help maintain the artist’s relevance and are likely to spur online purchases of music and merchandise.

Schalk Bezuidenhout is another great local example to look out for. The comedian had to cancel a host of stand-up shows, but rather than quietly waiting to get back on the road, the funny man adapted his strategy by offering online performances through a newly created series called Lockdown Laughs. The comedian sold out tickets to both his recent online shows but keep an eye out for the next one or follow him on instagram for a daily update from the #kwarantynwyntrein.

The message, it seems, is that people are still willing to spend. If you can adapt your strategy to offer value in this time of uncertainty you’ll stay afloat during these difficult economic times, and you’ll earn your customer’s loyalty as well. What changes can you make to your brand now, to be in the best position to recover when all this is over?